Employee Spotlight with Dave Diffenderfer

What do you love about working at Cagwin & Dorward?

Cagwin has allowed me to grow and develop as a project manager. When I first started I did not have the skillset needed to be successful. Through making mistakes and learning I have been able to develop the necessary skills for success. These organizational skills have helped me professionally and have also helped me in my personal life. 

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Employee Spotlight with Ricardo Soto

I understand your territory grew an impressive 34% in base maintenance from the prior year and that you have a 96% customer retention rate.

That's pretty accurate. Our customers love our team because we do quality work and we are kind. Kindness goes a long way. We always try to respond to the needs of our customers in a timely manner. We check in with them regularly and make sure we take care of their needs.

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Employee Spotlight with Justin Van Horne

Who are mentors in your life?

One of my best mentors is Jeff Englehart. He is near and dear to me and also to Cagwin & Dorward. Another mentor is a Cagwin tree guy, Mark Carpenter.

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Employee Spotlight with Nick Linder

When you are not working, what do you do for fun?

I love playing the guitar and writing songs. Through the years, I have played with multiple bands.

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Employee Spotlight with Bronson Macler

What values are important to you at Cagwin & Dorward?

What I like about Cagrwin is that we are passionate about what we do. We are employee and customer-centric...

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Employee Spotlight with Gustavo Paredes

When you joined the team at Cagwin & Dorward what was one of the things that appealed to you most about the company?

I would say it was their leadership and attention to developing a great company culture. Cagwin & Dorward don't just want to have an HR department that does compliance....

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Project Spotlight: Carondelet High School Meditation Garden

Cristian Juarez, Project Manager, shares his insights on the success of this project, from the vision and ideas, obstacles and challenges faced, and the amazing outcome.

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Project Spotlight: Spring Lake Village - Atrium

Luis Lua, Project Manager, and Jose Zamora, Project Foreman, share their insights on the success of this project, from the vision and gift of a past resident at Spring Lake Village for the atrium to how Cagwin & Dorward helped make that dream come true.

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Project Spotlight: Adrian Blanco Jewelry

Adrian Blanco, the owner of Adrian Blanco Jewelry, said, "The first time I met Salvador of Cagwin & Dorward, I had such a good rapport with him. He understood what I was wanting to achieve with some agave plants I had that I wanted to be in the landscaping. A day later, Salvador came back with a plan that complimented what I was wanting where other landscape companies I spoke to didn't create the wow that he did."

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Project Spotlight: San Ramon Valley Christian Academy

San Ramon Valley Christian Academy is located in Danville, California. The school is beautifully situated on 6.78 acres and provides Christian education for children 3 years old through 8th grade. 

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Project Spotlight: Spring Lake Village

The Spring Lake Village is an assisted living residence with nursing care to end of life. Get the project story as told by our own Brigid Flagerman who managed the project and the impact it made in her own life. 

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Project Spotlight: Tiburon Residence

The Tiburon Project is a residential customer of Cagwin & Dorward. We first began work for this customer about seven years. Over the years one project has turned into many and we are delighted to share one of the projects that are still in the works, The Tiburon Project.

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