Project Spotlight:
Adrian Blanco Jewelry 

 by Salvador Urteaga, Project Manager 

Adrian Blanco Jewelry is located in Folsom, California, which is a suburb of Sacramento in the Northern California area.

The goal of this project was a turf renovation

Adrian Blanco Jewelry

Goal and Opportunity

Our customer, Adrian Blanco Jewelry, was one of 12 winners chosen by the state for a special rebate through local municipalities for site improvements that were designed around improved irrigation, water usage, and aesthetics. 

The customer initially called us and said we were one of the approved companies that could provide the service for his rebate. I initially met the customer at his place of business and he described his plan and his idea for a garden theme around tequila plants and current large agaves that he wanted to include in the turf renovation.

The Plan

Working with a limited budget, we wanted to be sure to maximize that budget in areas that would provide the most value to the customer and their business. Therefore we chose the front entrance area for the project improvements.

Also, knowing what Adrian Blanco Jewelry wanted regarding design, plants, and aesthetics, we went to work on a landscape design.

The next step was presenting the plan to Adrian Blanco, the customer. When the customer saw the plan, he immediately loved it! So next, we presented the plan to the regional water authority for their approval. That was not difficult since they were the ones who referred us to this customer because of our work on another project.

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Customer Thoughts

Adrian Blanco, the owner of Adrian Blanco Jewelry, said "The first time I met Salvador of Cagwin & Dorward, I had such a good rapport with him. He understood what I was wanting to achieve with some agave plants I had that I wanted to be in the landscaping. A day later Salvador came back with a plan that complimented what I was wanting where other landscape companies I spoke to didn't create the wow that he did."

Adrian said, "Salvador recognized the desert feel here and said we should take out all the grass and then put some large agave, along with incorporating different stones for contrast and, oh my gosh, it turned out so much better than I was expecting!"

"He definitely had a vision and honestly I just trusted him with it. I am so delighted with the outcome and I get people every day asking for contact information for Cagwin & Dorward."

Adrian Blanco Jewelry


The most challenging aspect of the project was the budget. The client was strictly relying on the rebate provided by the state, so that required careful consideration for the selection of plants and the decomposed granite (DG) rock outlined in the plan.

The client was so pleased with the proposed design that he decided to increase the budget by adding some of his own funds to achieve the highest impact of the design.

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