Project Spotlight:
Croix Estate Winery

by Luis Lua
Project Manager, Designer, and Landscape Architect

The Croix Estate Winery is located in beautiful Fulton, California. Its founder, Jason Williams says, "It is a place where rustic luxury became the centering point from which brand, story, property, and winemaking started and is found today in all that is Croix Estate."

 Jason has created a stunning experience for Croix Estate guests by moving a vision from concept to reality. We were fortunate at Cagwin & Dorward to be a part of helping Jason unfold his brand story through our expertise in landscape design and development.

Toni Read, a customer of Croix Estate Winery, gave a 5-star Google review confirming the brand story, stating, "We had a great experience at Croix and their grounds are beautiful." 

Before we began the project at Croix Estate, we met with Jason Williams, the General Manager and "Brand Visionary" for the Croix Estate. Jason presented the vision of what he hoped to achieve with the new landscape design. I listened as he described how the native trees would need to be removed and replaced with an orchard. I could sense he was hesitant about the architect's plan and sought my opinion. 

I responded, "Are you certain you want to remove those trees?" He asked why, to which I replied, "Those trees are beautiful." He asked for my suggestion of what I would do, and I offered an alternative solution that included keeping the existing trees, which he immediately liked. Jason then requested we come back with a detailed plan based on my recommendation. 

Here is what we came back with. 

The vision and plan for the tasting garden

Tasting garden

The tasting garden is a stunning display of beauty. Our completed redesign of this space incorporated all the beautiful existing trees. Added to these mature trees is a large variety of new plants, including Sprenger's Asparagus, Berkeley Sedges, Cape Rushes, Golden Eleagnus, Blue Rushes, Pacific Coast Myrtles, Midnight Beard Tongues, Slender Veldt Grasses, Chinese Pistaches, King Edward's Winter Currant, and gorgeous Catalina Perfumes. 

In total, we planted 12 Sprenger's asparagus, 72 Berkeley Sedges, 13 Cape Rushes, 2 Golden Eleagnus, 64 Midnight Beard Tongues, 54 Slender Veldt Grasses, 7 Chinese Pistaches, 5 King Edward's Winter Currant, and 8 Catalina Perfumes.

We laid natural flagstone for the paths and table areas, which completed the natural look of the garden.

Tri-level deck

The deck offers a beautiful 3-level design with elegant planters adorning the dining areas. Much attention was paid to all the details, from the customer experience to disability access. The planters add natural color and beauty.

Never surrender to the momentum of mediocrity

Upon visiting the website of Croix Estate Winery, you will come across the following quote on the home page:

"Never surrender to the momentum of mediocrity."
-- Marlon Brando

This statement finds truth in the Croix Estate's pursuit of perfection.

Beauty and Grace

It is a sight of beauty with its different elevations and large and medium-sized trees that adorn the landscape, providing an amazing view of the horizon. In October, the trees become deep red while the grapes transform into tones of red — a definite wow moment for its guests.



In honor of my birthday, Jason hosted a beautiful party where he pampered me and my 15 guests with unlimited food and wine. He is always creating memorable experiences and I was no exception.

I anticipated this would have cost me at least $20,000, but Jason, out of pure gratitude provided this to me free of charge. It was an experience my guests and I will never forget! 

Thank you, Jason, for the birthday gift of a lifetime, along with our new friendship. I am a fan! 

Check out my photos below from my birthday party courtesy of Jason at Croix Estate Winery.

That's me at the end in the blue shirt.

Here I am again along with my beautiful fiancee


The pictures do not do the experience justice. I encourage you to experience Croix Estate Winery for yourself and tell them Luis of Cagwin & Dorward sent you.