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Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance

Cagwin & Dorward is a full service landscape provider specializing in landscape maintenance, landscape construction, water management, and tree care for commercial, municipal and residential customers.

From 15 local service centers, we serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area from Santa Rosa in the north, to Monterey in the south and east to Sacramento.

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Drought Planning

We want to proactively partner with you now to create a water conservation plan for your landscape. Having a plan in place means you will be ready when your water district implements mandatory water reductions. Failure to comply with these mandates may result in penalties, higher rates, or both.

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Recent Blog Posts

Summer Limb Drop

It doesn’t take a mighty wind or perilous winter weather to cause branches to break and cause damage to your home, car and yes even you, family or neighbors. During the warmer months of June-October trees need more water to cool off. The water evaporates through the leaves and helps reduce wilt and sunburn.


Natural or Artificial Turf?

I like to say, “Opportunities lie in the gray area, not the black and white”.  This came to mind when researching if Artificial Turf is a good idea compared to typical Natural Turf.  The pros and cons of financial and environmental costs seem to weigh equally on both sides, with neither option looking to good.